The diabetic foot team in Mansoura realized that for the newly developed Diabetic foot clinic in the Specialized Medical Hospital to be beneficial more efforts should be done. We feel that changing the missconcepts related to diabetic foot will be more important than merely providing the service. We started by educating patients on diabetes out-patient clinic about the warning signs that need consultation. Then we feel that increased awareness with foot problems among our residents and nurses will be beneficial to pick up early cases. The results were indeed very encouraging and our observation was accepted as a poster presentation at the joint meeting of the Diabetic foot study group and NEURODIAB, 2-5 September, 2004, University Clinic, Regensburg, Germany "Diabetic foot should not be overlooked in swarming outpatient setting".

This success convinced us that the message should be spread to the whole country. That is why we planned for The national project for prevention of Diabetic foot (NPPDF). The program aimed to spread the message to all Egyptians governorates. The Mansoura Diabetic foot team arranged an educational course consisting of a theoretical presentation followed by practical demonstration for how to examine the foot for early detection of the disease. The program was conducted in many governorates e.g. Dakahlia (10 November 2005), Port Said (1st Dec 2005), Domiat (2 Feb 2006), Zagazig (27 April 2006).

We are delighted that recently some Diabetologists started to establish diabetic foot clinic in different parts of Egypt e.g Port Said, Zagazig and Alexandria. What is more important will be the generous grant of WDF to establish 30 DF team equipped with the instruments and skills to provide the integrated service for the whole country.

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